Birdman vs “The 55” At The Purge No Prep Shootout In NY

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No prep veteran Birdman swapped engines recently, upgrading to the powerplant used ...

No prep veteran Birdman swapped engines recently, upgrading to the powerplant used by some of the meanest hotrods out there, a boosted hemi. Twin turbo hemi engines power some of the world’s fastest rides, including the boosted ProLine Racing Engines motor’ in the El General C7 that registered earlier this year the fastest quarter mile time for any vehicle with doors, a whopping 5.40 seconds! Although Birdman’s ride is not the most technically advanced pro mod on the planet, it has a fairly light weight chassis which now boasts one of the most powerful engines in all of motorsports.

The competition in the realm of no prep racing is some of the toughest, thanks to the great equalizer: the unprepared racing surface. Tremendous power is worthless, if a driver has no control and finesse; fortunately no prep badass Birdman has plenty of both. Lining up alongside a 1955 Chevy known as “The 55”, it’s no small feat in outrunning the NOS-injected Shoebox Chevy. Its huge nitrous-huffing motor has powered the vehicle to the winner’s circle multiple times this year at no prep events throughout the country. The Birdman has faced off with The 55 in the past, but this race will be a true test for his new hemi.

The 55 took an early lead thanks to its faster reaction time, but Birdman banked on the hemi power and notched the win. Once he really gets the new engine dialed in, you can bet that only a handful of cars will be able to go to-to-toe with the iconic Trans Am in a heads up race.

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