How This Bike Evaded All The Police Is Like Pure GTA In Real Life!

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Here’s how to completely evade the police like an effin’ Mafia boss ...

Here’s how to completely evade the police like an effin’ Mafia boss using some pretty good techniques and a beastly Yamaha R1 Turbo.

This one is neither an act that works every time nor an act acceptable for anyone to follow every time on the road, yet quite helpful during the most desperate times and of course for entertainment too. Well, how do you like a watch with police cars, fast bikes, and police chopper? I don’t know about you, but it sure is hella fun!

This video is kind enough for enumerating the steps for everyone, but what it simply is all about is getting as fast as you can hoping the cops didn’t get your plates. Not for everyone probably but good thing this insane dude below got some insane bike that sure made things possible. And the best part of it is how the cops wasted a lot of resources by going as far as calling the chopper to trace and locate the biker only to end up finding nothing. How f*ckin’ boss is that?

If you love escapes and cops getting schooled in the road, then this one will be a great watch.

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