Biggest RC Airplane Junkers JU-52 Crashes Into Parked Cars

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Remote control replicas are getting bigger by the day so it probably won’t ...

Remote control replicas are getting bigger by the day so it probably won’t take long before someone tries to pilot a full-size plane via remote control. In this video, we take a look at the Junkers JU-52 which is considered as the largest remote controlled aircraft in the world and it’s quite a spectacle to behold, but this time it landed terribly, sending the whole thing to shambles as it takes a dive and crashes into parked cars!

The clip allows us to ride along the massive Junkers JU-52 as it takes a quick flight and makes a valiant effort to touch down. It seems everything is going okay, when all of a sudden, the operator encountered some unfavorable conditions, yanking the plane side to side and causing it to land awkwardly and split into several pieces. Fortunately, it didn’t injure anyone on the ground and the damage inflicted doesn’t look as bad as it could have been.

Click on the play button below to see the gigantic RC plane in action. It’s interesting to know how much bigger these things can get. Perhaps only time will tell, but for now we hope this aircraft makes a fast mechanical recovery so it can be out there again in no time, cutting through the skies and putting on a show, minus the horrendous crash at the end.

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