Is This The Best SUV You May Actually Imagine To Have

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Is this the most astounding piece of SUV or what!? ...

Is this the most astounding piece of SUV or what!? EddieX tested the mighty BMW X5M. An SUV looking quite formidable and having a nuke under the bonnet. That 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V8 engine is still in wide use in the BMW family and for this occasion, it has been updated to deliver a punch of more than 550hp. Sending it all to all four wheels, the massive 5,300 lbs SUV can accelerate to 60 mph in less 4.5 seconds. That is really impressive.

The AWD system in the X5M can actually distribute power between the wheels up to 100 percent. That is not something we actually expected from it. But it does it. And this means it’ll do some really mad stuns. Including drifting, if you are really, really on it.

Now, the thing about the X5M and its AWD is that it can put all the power down at all times. So, no more ESP flashing lights or whatever. It will just pull. And pull hard from any revs. Using “normal” automatic transmission, the X5M may certainly be the car to link the SUV utility with the sports car excitement. It is fast, cool, good-looking and rather finely styled. Despite all the added M pieces on it, the X5M does not feel a bit like a “over the top” SUV.

So, we have here a car that is clearly fast, can do some light off-road, but more importantly, will do its family business better than any other.

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