The Bentley Continental SuperSports is a $310,000 Worth Car And Here Is Why

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Bentley Continental SuperSports – the most ...

Bentley Continental SuperSports – the most powerful and the fastest Continental ever. And this one Doug deMuro drove is the only one available for sale in the whole country right now. And not only is it the most powerful Continental, but it is the most powerful Bentley ever. And it is the fastest Bentley, the fastest four door car in the world. So, how fast is it then? Faster than the Huracan, faster than the LFA.

So, watch this amazing review and try to find out why does the Bentley Continental SuperSports cost $310,000.

As ever, Doug deMuro walks us through the strange quirks of the car and you will find out why this car is so special. And it is really special. And not only in power – 700hp of it. But every single thing on it has been crafted and forged with the utmost attention to details.

The thing about Bentley Continental SuperSports is the fact that the car has some dramatic differences compared to other Bentley Continental cars.

Just to prove its exclusivity, the car has a writing on the sills which says how special the car is. You know, the kind of things – “one of whatever”. In this case “one of 710 cars”.

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