This Badass Sleeper Is Turning Its Exhaust Like A Burning Magma!

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Burnouts can definitely wear out even the sturdiest tires but did you know it can ...

Burnouts can definitely wear out even the sturdiest tires but did you know it can make any exhaust glow like a burning magma too? Here’s a crazy exhaust-melting burnout from a badass sleeper van sure to leave you blowing a huge “Holy Cow!”.

This van featured below is a rotary-powered Suzuki van that may look lousy and uninteresting at first glance, but a definite crowd-pleaser once it starts ripping skids. Well, it made its entrance with a look of a mediocre ride, but it stayed on the scene with a performance of a complete beast.

Soon as the burnout commenced, the van immediately started filling the track with clouds of smokes as it was making angry revs every gear head would sure find eargasmic. Just moments after, its exhaust knew it needed some limelight as well. The exhaust started glowing brightly in red as if a burning magma. From then on, it turned out like we’re not only about to witness flying rubbers but dripping metals too.

If a badass burnout and a glowing exhaust is a combo that’s totally new for you, then here’s an entertaining one you’ll never want to miss. Check it out below!

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