Amazing Pros and Cons Of the Sequential Gearbox

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Sequential gearbox! What is it? Which cars use it? ...

Sequential gearbox! What is it? Which cars use it? Why we all won’t use sequential? What are the pros and cons of it?
If you ever asked any of these questions then this Carthrottle video will reveal many secrets to you.

The technicalities of this gearbox are rather intricate and you will need a bit more knowledge than what this five-minute video can provide to find all about it. However, you will know the basics and most importantly, the pros and the cons about this kind of transmission.

We can tell you that these transmissions are crazy expensive. So much so that they are best suited for race cars and some specialty machines. Also, for motorbikes. They are using it too.

Apart from lightning fast gear change, the sequential transmission is actually a pain in the *ss for use on usual cars you may drive. It affects the sound, the speed, one does not have access to all gears as the driver can only move one gear up or one gear down. For example, one cannot go from the fifth straight to third as on a manual.

All in all, if you are a casual driver and you probably are, do not even think of installing the sequential tranny in your car. Give it some thought but only if you are making a project car for track and have huge amounts of money.

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