5 Most Spectacular Aircraft Take Offs And Landings Performed By Skilled Pilots!!!

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We are all used to watching videos from other people doing amazing things, well, ...

We are all used to watching videos from other people doing amazing things, well, some fail at them while some will deserve the glory and amaze us.

In the video below are about to see, we will take the look at 5 such amazing stunts i.e. 5 aircraft take offs and landings.

As we all know, a most dangerous maneuver while flying is actually the taking off and the landing. Knowing this fact, pilots must be extremely aware of the weather conditions, so, check if everything is OK and proceed towards the runway.

To begin with, we take the look at pilot who is speeding on the runway and is preparing to take off with the Boeing 737.

But instead of taking off the traditional way, he moves the nose of this plane straight up in the sky and it looks like is about to do perform the loop.

Furthermore, we see what it looks to land the plane that has been used by NASA for 25 years, before finally being taken to a museum.

It is one of the planes with the massive body and it is using the parachute stop itself on the runway. After this final land, this plane will be taken to the museum for display.

We also take a look at the video in which a pilot manages to land the plane without wheels, which is one of the most dangerous maneuvers to perform. So, check out this video for more and see how these amazing aircraft take offs and landings look like!

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