33-Year-Old Woman Releases Herself From Handcuffs, Steals A Police Chevy Tahoe And Flees The Scene

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You will not believe this. Police officers in Texas ...

You will not believe this. Police officers in Texas arrested a woman, handcuffed her, placed her at the back of their police Tahoe and even put the seatbelt on. And then left her alone in the car thinking she will be safely detained. She was not.

Footage from inside the car reveals that the woman successfully removed the seat belt in a matter of seconds and then removed a handcuff from one of her hands. One of the comments clearly said, “she is a Houdini”.

After Removing the handcuffs, she observed what is happening outside the vehicle and saw that the police officers are not exactly close by. So, she surged forward through a freaking opening in the middle of the separation piece separating the police cabin from the rest of the car. She turned on a vehicle and started fleeing the scene. This was all that more impressive regarding the fact that she was in front of a freaking police station.

However, while she was capable of fleeing the scene at a rather high speed (of up to 100 mph), police cars and police officers from other counties successfully reached the Tahoe she drove and used a PIT maneuver to take the car out of control. The 33-year-old suspect, Toscha Sponsler, was arrested on drug-related charges and handcuffed. Amazing, film-quality drama here.

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