2018 Ford GT Walkaround Reveals A Lot Of New Details

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New Ford GT is out now. People are driving it, ...

New Ford GT is out now. People are driving it, reviewing it and definitely enjoying it. The last walkaround video comes from EddieX YouTube channel. You know, the guy once associated with the Vehicle Virgins. Now, however, the Ford GT sits powerfully on a parking lot at some Cars and Coffee event.

It seems that the general public is not exactly excited about the Ford GT. No, no. They do not like the sparse interior, nor the sound of the EcoBoost or the look of the rear end indeed. However, owners are the ones that matter and they definitely love the speed of the thing. After all, with a 650-ish hp engine, the thing can definitely accelerate and runs really, really fast.

But, the new Ford GT is not exactly for the lighthearted. It is a hardcore machine made for driving hard at the world’s most exciting tracks. And it shows. The aerodynamics is on par with the best racing cars out there. Then, there is the lightweight chassis and carbon-fiber everything. Obviously, a car made to roam the tracks of the world.

After all, it only weighs in at 3,250 lbs but also costs north of $450,000. Insane.

Considering it can move to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and it is fairly exclusive with only a certain amount of units in production, the latest Ford GT definitely is a masterpiece.

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