2000hp Master Shredder Cummins Crashes into Parked Truck!

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In the current realm of diesel trucks, there are certainly some vehicles out there ...

In the current realm of diesel trucks, there are certainly some vehicles out there that are very much capable of packing a huge punch. A lot of them find a way to breach the 1000-horsepower mark while some make even more as you’ll see in the video below.

The best part of generating all that oomph is that for every extra pony that a truck generates, the general norm is that it crates approximately 2 lb-ft of torque. In layman’s term, that means these behemoths launch hard off of the line regardless of their weight!

However, when you’re behind the wheel of such heavy machine, even if it may feel agile with all of its power, the fact is that it’s likely not that nimble at all. It may not seem like it’s much of a problem until you actually lay all the way into the throttle and go rocketing down the road, then suddenly you decide that you want to slow down and stop. The problem is that ain’t possible and before you know it, you are sliding sideways and straight into a Ford Super Duty!

We get to watch that scenario from a surveillance camera as the driver of a speeding 2000-hp Master Shredder Cummins loses control and crashes into the Ford truck. Fortunately, it does not look like anyone was in the Blue Oval truck that was hit otherwise you can bet that they probably won’t be around to tell their tale after being fiercely jolted by a runaway street train!

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