1968 Kaiser M35A2 vs Front Loader Tug Of War

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If something has wheels and rolls, there’s always someone out there who will ...

If something has wheels and rolls, there’s always someone out there who will try to put it into some sort of competition, whether it’s a race or a tug of war like this one that puts a 1968 Kaiser M35A2 against a front loader. When a military truck goes up against a piece of heavy construction equipment in a tug-of-war, it’s too good to resist as the protagonists really try to outdo each other.

It seems like the two are going to be a comparable set of rivals as they go full throttle and struggle to move this epic clash in one direction or the other. Both drivers continue to lay into the throttle to determine if their respective rides can pull just a little harder than the other, tip the duel in their favor and begin swaying the competition so they can be the one to go home with some bragging rights at the end of the day.

Click on the play button below as the video takes you to the scene of this heavy-duty war on wheels that puts the machines on their toes to take on a challenge like neither has likely seen before. It is an interesting battle and you’ve got to see these behemoths going at it and hauling off on one another.

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