1,400hp Toyota Supra Driven Barefoot At 180 mph

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Yes, we have seen that awesome Rolls-Royce with a ...

Yes, we have seen that awesome Rolls-Royce with a Supra engine. Now, however, we can witness the true greatness of the machine powering the Japanese beast. In this iteration, the Supra comes with a freaking 1,400hp engine so powerful, it makes its driver a true hero of the drag strip.

This guy, JRod is a really confident chap who takes care of his car and makes it really, really fast. So fast, in fact, that he successfully drove and won driving barefoot. Quite an appealing sight to behold.

Now, the 3.4L has been thoroughly reworked. The car features the improved, reworked version from Real Street Performance with their RSP1600 package, a new Precision 8385 turbo, an NX Direct Port Nitrous system, and a beefed up TH400 transmission.

Just imagine the sight on the drag strip when it put down all of its insane power. 7 seconds passes are not even a surprise anymore.

1320Video who put this up on YouTube had this to say about the whole endeavor:
“JROD sure know’s how to put on a show in his 1400hp Real Street Supra! Knocking out the competition while letting off HALF WAY through a race! Then going 180mph in the 1/4 mile while driving BAREFOOT! We’re happy to see Jrod enjoying the car while getting everything dialed in and eager as hell to see some upsets at future no-prep events!”

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